Thank you for considering Eric Goodman Realty as the management company for your real estate investment.  We have been in business as a full service Real Estate Brokerage company since 1986. As a boutique, family run operation, we offer a business model based on trust and experience. We believe that loyalty is a trait lost in many of today’s larger companies that insist on taking on too much, without the quality resources needed to manage each building properly. The guarantee with Eric Goodman Realty is that your building will always receive the attention and professional management it deserves.

            Our management division is headed by Eric and Matt Goodman. Eric has been working in Manhattan Real Estate for over 25 years. He began as a licensed agent for an over-crowded company. Due to his impeccable work ethic and impressive results, he quickly ascended to Vice President. In that position he began to notice that too many of the owners they represented, and many of the clients he dealt with looking for new homes, were unsatisfied with the lack of attention being received from the larger company.

            In 1986 Eric left the company and opened his own brokerage business, determined to offer quality, not quantity to everyone who used his services. As a result of this mantra, and his unwavering loyalty, many of the owners Eric worked for in a broker capacity took notice and started asking him to help with the management of their properties. Today, Eric Goodman Realty manages 15 buildings in Manhattan and continues to employ a brokerage division.

            Eric is extremely knowledgeable in everything a building needs to run on a daily basis from boilers to roofs to Income and Expense Reports. Always improving and updating, Eric continues to upgrade his services with the help of his son Matt.

            Matt graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 and immediately began improving the family business.  By adding new software programs and integrating more modern technology, Matt has helped to make the business more efficient, thus allowing for each building to receive more attention and yield quicker results.

            With Eric’s years of experience, Matt’s youthful exuberance, and a team of agents to help get the job done, Eric Goodman Realty continues to grow. And it hopes to do so for years to come, without ever losing sight of what matter’s most – loyalty and quality service.